Roberto ‘Logical Progression EP’

Roberto / ‘Logical Progression EP’


Artform / Released 29th December 2010

Jamie Anderson’s Artform has been hurling out cuts of the Motor City and Illinois ilk since 1997. Roberto boasts some eight years in the production game. Put them both together and it’s looking pretty tasty.

It’s certainly a recipe for success with fans of Marcel Dettmann, Christian Smith and Ben Klock, such is the heads down work out to be found in all four tracks on this attractive release. But then there’s enough traditional futurism to ensure those who think the word techno should never be uttered unless it’s followed by Hood or Mills will find plenty worth playing here too.

The title and opening track offers something close to stepping, though if intent is more your sort of thing don’t start panicking. Synth stabs may nod toward the likes of Pendle Coven, but throughout these eight minutes there’s less ambience, and more Tejada on a deep day groove to focus on. That said it’s still the most laidback piece on here, if that’s actually possible at 130 BPM or so.

Ercolano is the most closely related next of kin, as spiralling keys again maintain a slightly housier vibe, while the chugging bassline contrasts such high-end Circulation-esque type melodies, and guarantees that every time those kicks drop back in it gets harder to ignore your feet.  The best of the lot has to be Ready for the Hood, which plays out like an ode to the man himself. Stripped (not to mention spanking) drums and hats lash the listener as space age Detroitism harks back to early minimal styles, while still sounding like it hasn’t been made yet. Now if those are not good enough reasons to turn it up and take a closer look, who knows what is.