Ali Love’s takes us to Moscow

His album was released earlier this month, and has had critiscs fawning over him since. Not that they weren’t before.

Ali Love is one of the nu-breed, a singer-songwriter as concerned with writing and structures as he is with the dancefloor. Though, in contrast with his peers, this particular fresh faced popper is more focused on 80s electro-disco, than he is with R&B.

A refreshing change then. Well, we certainly think so. As do the good people at Q (“a strobe-lit dance-off between Daft Punk and Kraftwerk“) and DJ (“Ali Love brings a little funk to warm up your circuits“). So it’s with some pleasure that we present this very kitsch video, complete with an ice skater donning a striking red dress. The single is Moscow Girl, and will be available from January 17th on CD, vinyl and digital, via Back Yard Recordings.