Fausto Messina ‘Jesa’

Fausto Messina / ‘Jesa’

Vinyl / MP3

Lust und Freu.de Musik / Released October 10th

With a hop, step and skip the latest release on this year-old Cologne label starts as it means to go on. Bumbling bass drops, and muted horns quickly begin their ascent- a la Ame’s Ensor, with added H-Foundation and the techno left to one side.

Once we’ve ridden the warm wave of Jesa things take a decidedly more boompty-boomp route, as we’re reminded of the Classic label in its hey-day, not to mention a little Mr Scruff with the aptly titled Circus. Tick-tock percussion drives both the groove, and frequent, albeit shortlived breakdowns. Each time we’re jacked back into motion the background piano flurry cuts, focusing our attention on the dancefloor beats that offer little, other than the excuse to get stuck in with your feet and hips.

Even Fausto’s Cologne Mix of the titler belongs on trumpet house shelves, despite taking a comparatively darker route than the other outings here- not least the Jazzanova-esque Swing Version. Milanese Messina’s first release on Lust may stick to its guns, but it sticks to them well. As such the only potential problem is that the length of some tracks, at times nearly ten minutes, may make this a little repetitive for some ears.