Beat Rivals Ft. Natasha Watts ‘Fabulous’

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Title: Fabulous
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Beat Rivals Ft Natasha Watts / Fabulous

Rival Beat Records / July 2014
Fledgling London label Rival Beat Records continue to ramp up momentum, revealing their new collaboration from Beat Rivals and Natasha Watts, with an uplifting, soulful house groove titled ‘Fabulous’. Beat Rivals (aka Soulshy and Krazy K) each provide their own individual takes – Soulshy with a classy soulful affair, laced with warm piano vibes;  production partner Krazy K turns out a cool, percussive deep edged groove with a popping bassline. Beat Rivals turn out a sublime ‘Live Groove’, armed with a powerful deep bass hook, before they turn up the dance floor pressure with a 90’s flavoured ‘Uptempo Groove’. Also featuring on the package are Broken Species, who bring booty shakin’ vibes with their dubby afrocentric treat for the dancers that centres around the drum.