Zepha B – Talking About Music

Zepha B presents his first release on the TRXX outfit, ‘Talking About Music’. The inventive producer continues to impress reviewers with his infinitely unique and varying sound. The latest outing shares features of his previous works, but adds succulent variety with a healthy slathering of bass. Working with TRXX is a statement of intent for both parties, who aim to get this wicked track heard by as many people as possible.

Powerful Electro House driven, adventurous synthesis takes the forefront alongside potent percussion to drive the progression throughout the track. The addictive vocal sample gives the track its name and tops off an explorative, anthemic release for Zepha B. Intricate and overwhelming, the combination of bass, beats and rhythm in this tune is enough to get anyone dancing. Zepha B shows again that his capability to create new and exciting Electro House music is second to none.

Forthcoming on TRXX Records, establishing themselves as a talent pool for up and coming artists all over the globe, the track is released on the 1st June. Keeping an eye out for forthcoming tracks from both Zepha B and TRXX would be a good idea, as both have big plans for the summer season and beyond.

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