The New Label On The Block: The Bed Room Records

The Bedroom Records

After exploding onto the scene and establishing themselves as one of Greece’s leading imprints, things have only been on a consistently rapid rise for The Bed Room Records as they are heading into their master plan for global Dance music dominance. We caught up with the guys at The Bed Room to talk about all things related to their latest ventures.
Hi, thanks for taking time to sit down and chat to us about your exciting new label The Bedroom Records. To get things kicked off, can you tell about the idea behind starting the label?

First of all, the idea of starting the label came from wanting to expand our project. Having started out as a promotion and events company, we thought that the next best step would be to start a record label, especially as it is a great way for expanding our brand worldwide.

What are you goals/what do you strive to accomplish with the label?

Our main goal is to release good quality music. Besides that we would like to find new talented artists that will shape The Bedroom sound.

From the moment you decided to start a label, how long did it take for the label to be launched?

Going back to the initial idea of this project, we always knew that the record label would be a piece of The Bedroom at some point. Three years later and after our event production concept was on track we decided that it was about time.

Technically speaking it took us around six months to set up.

For those who don’t know, what is involved in the setting up of a record label?

First and foremost, laying out your thoughts on paper to craft a comprehensive business plan is paramount. This plan should cover a spectrum of aspects, from artistic endeavors and musical pursuits to marketing strategies and financial projections. When it comes to optimizing your online presence, entrusting the task to a dedicated team of experts in SEO Services Malaysia can make all the difference. With their proficiency in navigating the complexities of search engine optimization, your business can effectively achieve its goals. Once armed with a well-devised plan, you can then proceed to bring it to fruition by taking all necessary steps.

What day-to-day work is involved in running a record label?

We will definitely say that the day is pretty busy. In order to maintain and run a record label efficiently, some of the day to day activities include talking to artists about new music,make appropriate promotion and marketing moves, updating our social media, buy rumble views tracking sales, finances, keeping on top of all the legal staff, scouting for new talents and music, and our favorite one, listening to demos received!

How many people work at the label and what are their roles?

At the moment there are five people running the whole ‘The Bedroom’ project including our new label. Konstantinos is the project manager, his role is to make sure that the project runs smoothly. Dimitris is a DJ/producer so his role is mainly music related. Foteini is the head of the design department and she works along with other designers in order to produce all the artworks needed and the promotion material.

Spyros is the technician, he works closely with the design department making construction models that are photographed and used as part of the promotion.
Magdalene is in charge of the paperwork mainly and she takes care of the legal and financial matters.

How would you describe the sound of The Bedroom Records and why did you choose this musical direction?

We would like to describe our sound just as ‘happy music’. From House to Techno and everything between, all sounds are acceptable as long as it sounds good! Our focus is mainly on tracks produced for the dance floor. Our influence has always been ‘the sound of the club’. In our personal lives, clubbing has been a part of our culture.
The first release on the label is coming from Adrian Oblanca. Can you tell us a bit about the release and why you decided to sign it?
We are very proud to have Adrian as our debut release. He has produced two original tracks for us that can really define our future sound. Two powerful
Tech House tracks blended with vocals and groovy baselines based on uplifting beats.

What can we expect in terms of new music from the label in the near future?

We have planned a series of releases for the next months, including some established names of the Electronic music industry, and we will also present some of our new rising producers.

Can we expect to see any new artists join your emerging roster in the near future?

Some of the artists that have already joined our roster besides Adrian Oblanca are An-Beat, Newmnhere, Locarini and many more that we will announce very soon!

Could we see the label expand into other areas of the music business and do you still plan on continuing to promote events?

The events production and promotion has always been our base. It’s the central idea of the whole concept. So, we will continue to run parties and the goal is to go international with our brand and let the world be apart of The Bedroom clubbing experience. There are thoughts about expanding to other music fields such as artist development and management but time will tell!

What can we expect from The Bedroom Records in future?

Good music, flashy designs and highly energetic parties!


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