‘Suenos’ New Heat from Jacob Colon, Sted-E and Hybrid Heights

The combination of some of New York’s finest dance music talents. High energy House music which you’ll NEED to get up and dance to. Sound good? Well, Sted-E, Hybrid Heights and Jacob Colon have you covered.

‘Suenos’ is the adrenaline-fuelled, atmospheric banger we’d been waiting for. Releasing on the 12th February on Juicy Music, this one is going to hit the dancefloors hard this summer.

Straight off the bat we are hit with a powerful drum line to groove to, before the track slowly progresses into a melodic masterpiece. A main synth which instantly loops in your head is added, building to a drop big enough to get any crowd jumping. The influences of his Latin heritage can be heard in the veins of this track, and it is a perfect accompaniment to the progressive, energetic House vibes he has become famed for.

Known for his Latin inspired beats that feature catchy melodies, top end mastery and Spanish influences throughout, Jacob Colon continues to impress. His consistent stream of wonderfully addictive House music has continued into the new year. There is plenty more to come from this producer and we can’t wait to see what he’s got lined up.


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