Stefanie Black – ‘Winter Of My Soul’ Released

Stefanie Black had a strong 2017, and is immediately looking to build on that for an even bigger year ahead. After winning several awards and releasing some of her first singles, she is kick starting this year with the release of ‘Winter of my Soul’, an ethereal, dark exploration of feeling and emotion.

Born in the UK but moving all over the world during childhood, Stefanie Black has picked up more cultural knowledge than most at only 19 years old. It is this that is one of the reasons her vocals are laden with true emotion and capture her life experiences through music, and ‘Winter of my Soul’ is no different.

Tied together with elegant production, the evocative journey is an example of exactly what Stefanie does best. Piano heavy with a healthy layer of synthesis, her vocals control the track and beautiful vocal layering create a rich, powerful timbre to encapsulate the listener. It’s not hard to see how her voice is award winning, presenting itself as the focal point in a busy soundscape, and Stefanie manages to add a sense of fluidity and magic to the intentionally dark and raw production behind her.

The emotion and power in Stefanie’s voice draws parallels with some of the worlds best, and she is looking forward to a busy year ahead. With a keen interest in playing shows and soaking up culture in new countries she visits, it’s likely her work is only going to get more exciting. Writing new songs and looking towards releasing a new album, Stefanie Black is steaming forwards and wont stop until everyone has heard the masterful music she has to offer.

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