Spooner Street – One Night

Returning with their latest release ‘One Night’, UK duo Spooner Street deliver energy, emotion and power in abundance. Based out of London, they have a history of creating forward thinking Electro House sounds for the masses and this release is just the latest in a string of tracks they’ve showcased in the last year.

Building beautifully with infectious vocals, the drop hits hard and sounds suited to the upcoming festival season. Serious synths and percussion take hold, a staple of the Spooner Street sound. Electro House is a hard art to master, but the duo make it look easy. A robust mix down and master make all the elements punch extra hard and showcase just how good these guys are at production. With everything necessary to be an instant classic, this track delivers on the promise of fresh new talent from the capital of the UK.

Intoxicating synthesis and an energy which doesn’t quit, ‘One Night’ is a certified banger. Keep your ears open for these guys, they are moving forward in a big way. Releasing via Noise Control, the track is available to download now. 2018 has been strong for Spooner Street, but we feel like this is only the beginning.

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