‘Spirals’ – New Single From Grant Saxena

Following up from the successful collaboration between Grant Saxena and Digital Ruckus last month with ‘Pursuit’, they have taken another step forward together. This time they present Grant’s newest single ‘Spirals’, which bears all the hallmarks of a true banger.

Grant has an eclectic history of releases, with two singles reaching the Beatport Trance top ten last year, including ‘This Could Be’ which reached #1. Not just a chart topper, he has also played at some of the world’s most reputable venues and performed the DJ Sax sets his fans have come to know and love. All over Las Vegas, multiple Burning Man performances and many other countries have had Grant’s inimitable DJ sessions bless their venues.

‘Spirals’ is another example of his crowd-pleasing, dance-destroying Trance that he has become accustomed to making. Powerful bass is lined with layered and evocative synth lines, which are a staple of Grant’s work. Blistering percussion ties it all together, and his unique Trance sound that he has honed over years of production delivers once again.

Festival season is fast approaching, and Grant will be keen to take his exciting live shows to audiences all across the globe. With fire productions like this in his arsenal, it will be no surprise to see DJ Sax performing to adoring crowds very soon.

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