Simioli & Benny Camaro announce ‘Safe Me From Darkness’

Simioli & Benny Camero - Safe Me From Darkness

‘Safe Me From Darkness’ is undoubtedly set for the top. Both Simioli and Camaro have huge fan bases in their home county of Italy and have both been in the Top 10 best Italian DJs for numerous times. Simioli specifically has had huge success this past couple years, especially under his pseudonym The Black Project, where his tracks have reached the top of the Beatport charts every time one has come out! Likewise, Camaro has had massive success having teamed up with fellow Italian DJ, Napolitano, to push his music into the furthest corners of the world, whilst hitting nearly every industry magazine and stream at the same time.

‘Safe Me From Darkness’ is a work of the upmost quality and demonstrates the pairs worldwide status and well-travelled ears. This tune incorporates a hi-hat centered bassline, with light synth overtones. The female vocals also add a sense of flair to an already banging Deep House anthem.

‘Safe Me From Darkness’ will be released on the 14th April 2017 so make sure you pencil the date into your diary!

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