Quilla – You Got It

Quilla - You Got It

Over the last few years, Quilla (Anna Luisa Daigneault), has found herself working with some of dance music’s biggest stars. Working with Hardwell’s Revealed RecordingsTiesto and many others, she has cemented herself as a beautiful voiced, Midas touch musician. Her writing and lyrics have ended up being featured on Tiesto’s album ‘A Town Called Paradise’ and she has gained critical acclaim from thousands of fans across the globe.

Her musical prowess, however, doesn’t end with writing and singing. This last year, the Canadian who currently lives in the USA has been hard at work producing her new album ‘You Got It’, and it does not disappoint. The slick, varied productions alongside beautiful, poetic vocal forms a hybrid genre which Quilla has created.
The influences of the producers she has worked with and her dance music background are evident, but her ability to transcend genres and tie all the brilliant intricacies of her production together is majestic.

‘You Got It’ is an expression of Quilla’s capability to spread her wings as a musician in her own right. The beautifully sadistic theme of ‘A Little Healing’ runs conversely with the powerful, personal ‘Free’ exploring the personal demons Quilla faces within her life. Such a varied album ends with entirely instrumental, Brian Eno-esque inspired ‘Sacred Field’ – a truly captivating ten track LP that has been released on her very own imprint, Ritual Fire Records. The label has a successful history, and released her first album ‘Beautiful Hybrid’, which was featured by iTunes in their
‘Ahead of the Curve’ playlist. Remixes of the album then went on to get its own vinyl pressing courtesy of Visionquest Music and was received well by the international Techno community.

For someone with so much musical experience under their belt ‘You Got It’ still manages to sound so powerfully passionate and contains all the hallmarks of a young musician driven to show the world what they are capable of.

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