Quickfire Interview With: benAM

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Los Angeles based DJ and producer benAM is next to answer our 15 rapid questions in 30 seconds.

I started DJing at 19 and producing when I was 20.

I got involved in the music realm because I’ve always loved music. There was something special about electronic though. It gave me strength, and it had the ability to make me happy when I was having a shitty day. I would put my headphones on and forget about everything else going on in the world at that moment, and I would be on cloud 9 just listening to my favorite records.

My sound is Progressive and groovy.

Right now my biggest inspiration is Dirty South.

Fans should listen to my music because there is a lot of emotion in my music. Also I like to stay true to myself and make records that are unique and different. I like to make stuff that doesn’t exist, and want to keep pushing boundaries with my music.

If you want to know who benAM is, listen to my track Rover – but stay tuned for my next release it shows a groovier side of me. Listening to both of these records will give you a good idea of who I am.

My most memorable career moment so far has been playing at Opium Mar in Barcelona with Deniz Koyu.

My dream is to be touring the world playing shows, and signing records to the biggest record labels in the industry.

My next release is a remix I made of Sgt Slick’s classic record ‘Everyday’.

One of my all-time favorite track is Mark Knight’s remix of ‘You’ve Got The Love’.

My favorite venue/club is Opium Mar, Barcelona or Sound Nightclub.

If I weren’t a DJ and producer I’d probably be launching a business

I’ll only stop making music if I die.

In a few years time I want to be on tour.

benAM is blessed!

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