Platunoff & Blufeld – Trua

Platunoff & Blufeld - Trua

After the success of their first collaboration ‘Tiefe Gedanken’ back in May 2015, Platunoff and Blufeld get together once more on the superb ’Trua’ which comes backed up with two quality mixes from Crocy and Kush.

The Original Mix sets us on a wonderfully lush progressive journey right from the off as chunky kicks and cool shuffling hats get the rhythm flowing. Scathing synths and FX sweep across the sound creating a rich cosmic vibe. We are teased by the lead synth as it makes fleeting appearances alongside rising arpeggios. On the break we get that lead synth in all its glory with its striking resonance and melodic elements. All through the track a deep bubbling bassline keeps the groove firmly rooted making this a definite must have.

The ever impressive Crocy notches up yet another one of his stunning remixes for our aural pleasure and, as expected, he does not disappoint in the least. The remix intros with a nice pounding kick drum and crispy hi hats as slapped drums create sporadic rhythmic patterns. A wonderfully warm and lush bassline washes over the sound as synths begin to fade in. On the break the track delivers a beautifully textured landscape with broken beats and subtle melodies before we return to full on mode for the duration. A brilliant slice of Progressive House that is not to be missed.

Kush returns with his special brand of progressive vibes to deliver a solid remix that will definitely grab a lot of attention. This one goes deep into the progressive abyss with an array of sub level basses and slicing rhythmic percussions. Thumping kick drums lead the way as those sharp hi hats cut through the low frequencies. The bassline is outstanding here, it lurks menacingly on the bottom end giving the bassbins a bit of work to do while in the mid range we find a mesmeric pad and hypnotic synths. The break is a surreal moment of bliss made up of fantastic striking synths which keeps the deepness of the groove intact before that bassline raises its head once more – a monster of a tune that will not disappoint.

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