Nurii – My Releases In 3 Words – Plain & Simple Exclusive


Kenyan DJ and producer Nurii has been causing colossal noises since he exploded onto the scene, thanks to his top-notch and exciting catalogue of productions. The multitalented artist, who is the mastermind behind stellar records including:‘Big Bounce EP’, ‘Simba’, ‘You & I’, ‘Echo’, ‘Devotion’, ‘Raha’ and ‘Alpha’, has been gaining monumental support from industry tastemakers such as Cedric Gervais, and has signed with record labels like Juicy Music, the home of house legend Robbie Rivera. We had the opportunity of chatting to Nurii, who described each of his records in 3 words.

Hi Nurii, thanks for taking time to chat to us. Can you list your records that have been released so far and use three words to describe each?

Alpha (Full Stop Records)
Fresh, Cool, Massive

Devotion (Ensis Records)
Emotional, Passionate, Big

United (Ensis Records)
Strong, Bold, Empowering

Raha(EDM Nations)
Wild, Fun, Crazy

Fly Away (The Fine Beat)
Rhythmic, Gentle, Romantic

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