Matan Caspi – Distant Muse


For the last number of years we have seen nothing but the very best sounds from Matan Caspi, and today is no exception. Here he delivers his latest offering, Distant Muse which comes backed up with remixes from Manu Riga and Persya. Apart from giving us super fine cuts Matan is running the label Outta Limits together with his good friend and production partner Stan Kolev. He is also busy with touring and concentrating on his future productions, where you will find original, raw and innovative material. His last outing for Bonzai Progressive – Brain-Storm was well received and this was followed up by a double appearance on the ADE 2016 Compilation from Bonzai. All of the above doesnít leave a doubt that Matanís music will be heard on the most popular dance floors around the world.

The Original Mix is a sublime trek deep into the progressive sound, full of wonderful subtleties and nuanced elements that combine beautifully to bring that rich sound evident in Matan’s work. Chunky kick drums lead the way as crispy hi hats and shuffling percussions form up alongside a deep and lush bassline. A myriad of FX and one shot synth hits are perfectly placed for maximum effect enhancing the stabby, more prominent layers. On the break we are treated to some excellent key work that bring in rich melodies before the synths are slowed down and then sped up to a brilliant climax and the back into full on mode for the duration. Top notch stuff indeed.

Manu Riga is up first with his Progrezz Remix and in true Manu Riga fashion, he knocks it outta the park. An extremely busy and in demand artist, this guy remains consistent in his delivery of top quality sounds. His last outing – Unstoppable proved to be popular on the floors and various charts and we’ve no doubt this remix will follow suit. The remix definitely goes straight to the floors with a nice rhythmic drum arrangement along with cool FX and a subtle underlying melody. The track builds nicely with the bassline shoring up the dancey groove and the tougher edged synths keeping things moving. The break is where the magic happens here as a beautifully serene vocal captivates the mind and draws you in deeper before those chunky kicks take us back into full on mode. A must have no doubt.

Bologna based producer Persya returns to BP with a wonderfully constructed progressive house remix. His last outing – Heide EP – was back in June 2016 and made a very good impact on the scene. The intro allows us to dive head first into the deep groove on offer as a fantastic atmospheric sound is generated. Hypnotic melodies draws us in even more as chunky kick drums lead the charge. A deep droning bassline dominates the low end as the intensity increases. The solid groove becomes so immersive you are lost in its ethereal grasp and on the break this is more true – a stunning slice that will not disappoint.

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