Marco Carpentieri announces ‘Time’

Marco Carpentieri - Time

Marco Carpentieri is one of Italy’s finest current exports in Dance music. A producer for several years, he is known for creating infectious House beats which have been distributed all over the world. Most recently, ‘Space Disco’ feat. Lucca Pink was released on France’s ‘GURU Recordings’ kicking off what promises to be a big year for Carpentieri.

He has DJ’ed at some of Italy’s most popular clubs and has a widely followed weekly mix series available online called ‘Hands Up Radio’. However, last year Carpentieri took a leap forwards in his career as a producer – his release ‘This is Love’ produced one of Pinkstar Records’ most sought after projects of the year and meant he featured on a label which was integral in thrusting superstar Avicii to fame. That is just one of the many indications that he is headed for big things in a thriving music scene.

‘Time’ combines futuristic synth work with eternally loved House chords and a powerful bassline to create a smash hit, fit for any summer festival. Its infectious rhythm will have you encapsulated and want to hit repeat all day along, adding to his ability to create such crisp, powerful productions which flow so elegantly.

Jango Music – the imprint releasing ‘Time’, pride themselves on bringing House music to the masses, having gone from a small project in France to an internationally known label promoting some extraordinary music. In last few months alone, Jango have released tracks from up and coming names such as Richard Harrington and Jude & Frank to name a few.

‘Time’ will hit the shelves on the 24th March, 2017 and will no doubt set Carpentieri up for a fantastic summer.

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