Lodato: Artist Review

Lodato has all the traits to become an immeasurable force in the EDM industry. His genre blending sounds and inimitable production style has taken the scene by storm in the last couple of years, and he continues to grow as an artist. With remix releases for Atlantic Records and original releases on Sony, the world has stepped up and listened to the goodness that Lodato has to offer.

Based out of NYC, he is engrossed within the growing music scene which has stormed its way to the mainstream in the last half a decade, and his talents for song writing and general production have allowed him to ride this popularity wave. It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd, but Lodato manages it each and every time. Last year saw him top the Billboard Dance charts with multiple originals and remixes, and saw him take his live show to cities all around the world. Commitment to his passion for music has allowed him to thrive and create the unique sounds and styles we have come to know and love.

His latest release is available on Red Music, a Sony Music division. ‘Doomsday’ features the ineffably beautiful vocals of Vassy, with the raw energy and infectious melodies you’d expect from a modern Lodato release. Synths and bass a plenty, ‘Doomsday’ is another instant classic. He continues his rise to fame, and with tracks like this, he shows those who doubted him just what he is made of.

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