‘Live Within’ – New EP From E.R.I.C.A

Sumptuous, ethereal and addictive; E.R.I.C.A produces an instant classic with her newest offering ‘Live Within’. In such a crowded music industry, it is hard to know whom to watch out for these days. The 15 year old Italian-born E.R.I.C.A proves that her name should be firmly taken note of, with this stunning release showcasing the talent she possesses and the potential future ahead of her.

Her first EP release ‘Live Within’ is a crisp and unique example of the beauty electronic music is capable of. Laying and progressing synthesis takes hold, shortly followed by an electronica-fuelled drum line, before the gorgeous vocal line enters. Culminating in a powerful yet effortlessly airy drop, all the elements of this track combine perfectly creating a genre-transcending adventure in sound. One listen is enough to have this tune going around in your head all day, yet there is so much variety in the song that it sounds fresh with every play.

Remix duties have been assigned to Kusta5 and Tisapear, with both creating wholly different variants of the original. Kusta5 turns the track on its head, with a Future House banger. Vibrant synths and boisterous bass abound, this is truly one for the dance floor. Tisapear shares more of the original track, with a more electronic and energetic tinge different to the original. Big synths and even bigger percussion, Tisapear creates another dance floor destroyer.

Released via Pulsetone Recordings, the Austrian outfit shows their capability once again of pushing amazing music and gaining exposure for artists who truly deserve it. They have an eclectic history of releases that span multiple genres and have a knack for supporting the best new artists. E.R.I.C.A is going to have a big future ahead if this release is a sign of things to come, and Pulsetone have given her the great first stepping stone to showing the world what she’s made of. With previous releases on Pulsetone Muted, the label is fully behind her and her work, and is helping her fulfill her potential.

Out now, ‘Live Within’ is available to purchase at all the links below, and available to stream on Soundcloud.

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