‘La Isla De Coco’ Drops on Jango Music

Following up from their release of ‘Bora Bora’, Capo and Comes and Damon Gray join forces once again for their new single ‘La Isla De Coco’. The success of the last single has shown the power these producers hold in their own right, but also just how unique their work becomes when they collaborate.

Smooth summer tones and beautiful production are paired together to show why these producers are making movements in the international scene. Relaxation and energy are entwined in this track, which is a unique concept. Some how the producers get the listener excited, transporting them to a summer festival, yet also having the perfect vibe for a quiet evening at a house party too. Masterful synthesis and drum patterns set the scene for what is sure to be a busy for months in the music scene.

Releasing via Jango Music, the long time home of the best up and coming artists, the track is released on the 4th May. Jango have consistently showcased the best new artists, whilst harbouring talent and helping them progress in a tough industry. But as this release shows, they aren’t shy to push out a downright banger for the sake of it either. ‘La Isla De Coco’ is the introduction to summer we have all been waiting for.

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