Groove Park – Hit The Bang (Relaunch Remix)

Groove Park - Hit The Bang (Relaunch Remix).jpg

Bonzai Progressive are continuing their classic remix series with the label’s very own Groove Park – Hit The Bang remixed by Relaunch. The original was release back in 1995 blending styles of trance, techno and even hints of acid house and was indeed a big hit for Bonzai back then. Relaunch offers a contemporary take on the classic taking the original retro charging techno synth to blend with smooth progressive house drum beats and a warm deep bassline which replicates the original with a groovy update. This really is a great take on a classic!

German producer Maik Relaunch returns to Bonzai Progressive from a short time out. Under his belt however, contains a selection of top remixes for the likes of Airwave & Phi Phi, Thorin, Sector 7, Gai Barone and Quadran. These quality remixes of Maik delivered for the label certainly gained huge support from many DJ’s. He has also been a great ambassador for JOOF Recordings releasing brilliant tracks and remixes also gaining huge support worldwide. With such a great reputation for being a world class remixer, here is a career you must follow!

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