Gil Sanders and Sonny Noto Combine for ‘Tell Me’

Gil Sanders and Sonny Noto are two incredible producers in their own right. Based out of Italy and the USA, respectively, they have a plethora of successful releases in their back catalogue. With the artists’ tracks gaining support from Avicii, Hardwell, Martin Garrix and Tiesto, to name just a few, it is obvious they are talented and well respected within the industry.

Combining together, ‘Tell Me’ bears all the hallmarks of another instant classic. You could be mistaken for thinking it’s the middle of summer when you’re listening to this track. Beautiful piano and synthesis molded by the expert craftsmen is the core of the track, joined by expertly precise and powerful percussion to grab the listener hook, line and sinker. You will be left itching for high temperatures and sunnier climbs after just one listen, but you can guarantee you’ll want more than just the one.

Available now, the track has been chosen by the experienced, quality hunting A&R team of Staar Traxx as part of their ‘Miami Ammunition EP’. Alongside Tony Calyra, Erick. T, Mr Sid and Jack Note, the pair is in good company. The entire release oozes summery emotion, but the stand out track is ‘Tell Me’. Prepare to hear this one everywhere over the festival circuit in the coming months!

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