‘Future EP’ The Newest Offering From DJ Phonon

DJ Phonon returns with his new release ‘Future’. After a successful last year, he has kick started 2018 with a return to form, producing four unique tracks in his own inimitable style. Making his own tracks since 2000, he has taken strides over the past few years and is creating more and more hype about his work throughout the Dance music industry.

With four incredible tracks, the ‘Future’ EP showcases exactly what is special about DJ Phonon. Transcending genres, ‘On The Road’ is a beautifully dark exploration in to the depths of electronic music. Phonon’s special production techniques are evident throughout and ‘The Sweetest Part’ combines ethereal vocals with tight percussion and purring percussion. ‘Wildest Dream’ is production prowess of the highest order, lathered in reverb and even more synth work. Trap infused ‘We All Need’ completes the EP, with rolling hi-hats and arpeggios a-plenty making another wholly unique track sure to be stuck in your head for days. Loving music since a young age, his method of improvement has been practice and non-stop creating.

DJ Phonon is working hard and with productions like these, it is easy to understand why he is being tipped for a big future. ‘Future’ is available now for free download and can be found below.

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