Flemcy Music – The Brighton Album

Flemcy Music Brighton Album

When French DJ and producer Jean-Pierre Lantieri got tired of pursuing all the available options, he decided to start his own label – Flemcy Music – to do things differently. His new album showcases some of his handpicked talent, and is available now to download and stream on all major platforms.

JP Lantieri set up Flemcy one and a half year ago . He now has a handpicked roster of over 20 artists who between them have released over 60 tracks since Flemcy started. This new album takes inspiration from the scenic seaside town of Brighton, UK. Famous for its pier, beach parties and of course Brighton Music Conference, Lantieri and co decided to release an album dedicated to this seaside town and its musical culture. This album compiles an array of Flemcy sounds, from all things progressive to more melodic Techno tunes.

1. Mystik Vybe – Melancholy
2. Gatto – Spaced Invaders
3. JunoJuno – For Real
4. Jay Maguire – Dream
5. Martin Cloud – Nevdogon
6. Ornery – Homecoming
7. Gians – Analog Em
8. JP Lantieri – The Whistler
9. Flemcy Music BMC Mix

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