Experimental Feelings feat. Gizella – Can We Try

Experimental Feelings feat. Gizella - Can We Try

After a solid remix on ‘Pilots Of The Millennium’ back in October 2016, we welcome the return of Experimental Feelings with the sublime ‘Can We Try’, which features a stunning vocal from Gizella. Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez is the man behind this brilliant project and with every release he takes us into progressive realms we’ve never been to before. His last full release was over on our Green Martian imprint with ‘Paradise Sound’ which became a go to track for many on the scene and stands as a testament to the talent he has to offer. Always one to watch, he never disappoints. Singer/songwriter Gizella (Futak) debuts on Bonzai Progressive and brings along a soul-bearing vocal that sends shivers up and down your spine. With a few tracks under her belt she creates a unique character in each track that brings it to life. The perfect accompaniment to this one and no doubt the world will be seeing much more from this very talented artist.

The Original Mix delivers a solid progressive vibe with a nice chunky kick at the forefront accompanied by bright open hats and a deep subby bassline that moves through the low end beautifully. A beautifully sung vocal from Gizella adds depth and character with a melancholic edge that harmonises effortlessly with the subtle melodies of the track. Deep, thoughtful and contemplative, just the tonic for any late night session.

Gai Barone is up first on remix duties with his ‘In Depth Remix’ and this guy really needs no introduction due to his peerless stance within the production community. His last outing for Bonzai was a superb re-working of the anthemic ‘Universal Nation’, which was released as part of our 25th year celebrations and gained instant support from many around the world. On the DJ front Gai is working with top jocks all over the globe, including Solarstone and Giuseppe Ottaviani. Gai brings his range of skills to the remix and delivers another beautifully arranged slice filled with deep-seated grooves and subtle melodies. He takes us on one of his journeys into the depths of the progressive sound with this remix. A tight drum arrangement provides a solid platform to get us there as chunky kick drums lead an array of intricate percussion patterns. An abyss level bassline bubbles up and locks us into the groove as wistful melodies are complimented by Gizella’s mesmeric vocal. A superb effort once more that is not to be missed.

Russian DJ and producer Igor Platunoff returns to BP with a fantastic remix which comes after his last effort here back in September 2016 with ‘Primavera’. This guy always brings an extra sprinkle of spice to the proceedings. He’s worked alongside Blufeld and features regularly in our compilations. Here he delivers another sublime effort filled with deep-rooted basses and tight drum patterns. The kick drum delivers a solid punch and is offset by cool hi hats and hypnotic percussions. The bassline sits menacingly on the low end, dominating the groove as swirling pads and Gizella’s surreal vocal come through. The subtlest of melody peeks out of the depths and combines with the vocal beautifully. Top-notch stuff that will not disappoint.

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