Exclusive Interview: Mert Butuner’s 2016 Year Review

Mert Butuner

We caught up with Manchester based DJ and producer  Mert Butuner who tells us all about his 2016!

Can you sum up 2016 in three words?
Following the dream.

What’s been your favourite moment of 2016?
The release of my first track of course! Also, the moment when I made the switch to making music full-time and as a job, a big step in my journey in music and in pursuing my dream.

Can you tell us a bit about your releases from this year?
Initiation – my first official release, hence the name ‘Initiation’, a progressive groovy drop with a break that has a piano chord progression (I love having piano on my breakdowns), combined with a big room inspired lead melody.
I am happy how the track turned out to be, but the best is yet to come!

How has touring and gigging been for you?
Haven’t really been gigging as much as want to since the beginning of the year to be honest, as I have been mainly focusing on my music, productions and a number of collaborations for next year. Also, have been doing mixes regularly for my weekly radio show on mixcloud. Safe to say that I have spent most of 2016 in the studio.

What’s been your biggest achievement of the year?
First official release on Ensis Records, ‘Initiation’ released on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify in late July 2016.
Also, being able to make the switch to making music full-time (almost!), and being able to say that this is my job.

What’s been your favourite track of 2016?
So hard to pick one, so many great tracks this year, but one of my favourites is ‘Follow Me’ by Steve Angello, Still Young.

Who has been the standout artist of 2016 in your opinion?
Martin Garrix – as he proved that he is an extremely talented producer not just in one genre but in a wide range of genres at such a young age.

What does 2017 hold for you?
Oh, I wouldn’t know where to begin! Lots of new releases that I am working on at the moment, and getting back to gigging and touring. Also I will make huge upgrades to my studio early next year, that’s always something super exciting for producers!

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