Doriaan – Perte EP

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Doriaan releases his new 2 track EP ‘Perte’ on Bonzai Progressive, who never fall short on releasing massive tracks. Beginning with the track ‘Perte’, we set off with thumping kick drums joined by shuffling high hats to begin the groove. A deep bassline emerges in a bubbly fashion accompanied by a jumpy dark melody. The track then breaks down and welcomes in sweet and echoic vocals, which builds elegantly back into the groovy and heavy drum beats.

Moving onto the second track of the EP ‘Versleten’, we embark on a darker and mysterious journey, yet still maintaining a space age cosmic-like groove. This is sustained by the use of strange and intriguing analogue synths and a deep pulsating bassline. However it is the melody which grabs the most attention, full of soaring energy – it will keep you dancing all night long.

Doriaan is a self-taught artist who is climbing the ranks of Progressive Trance at lightening pace – lets not forget it was was only 2 years ago when he had his first release. Since then he has found himself creating a unique blend of Trance and Progressive House which makes him certainly stand out in this world of DJs. There will be plenty more from Doriaan in the future so make sure you keep a close eye on this career.

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