‘Diva’ – New Single From Stefanie Black

Following on from the start of the year, which saw the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Winter of my Soul’, Stefanie Black is moving on to pastures new and has created yet another instant hit. The Germany based vocalist has been hard at work to create this new track, ‘Diva’.

Born in the UK, Stefanie has since travelled all over the world and has gained cultural knowledge well beyond her years. This is obvious within her powerful works, and her professionalism and confidence is plain for all to see.

Her latest track ‘Diva’ is a departure from some of her more recent works, moving in to the Pop sphere and creating a different kind of emotion than usual – making the listener want to get up and groove. With powerful production and an infectious melody, Stefanie adds the gloss to the track with her powerful and prominent vocal line. There aren’t many more recognisable voices than hers, and she uses it to it’s full power in this track. She manages to effortlessly portray emotion and affection with the power of her voice, and whilst the song is positive and bouncy, the raw emotions behind the track are noticeable.

Be sure to support Stef on her journey to fame, as she continues to impress fans and critics alike.

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