Dangerouz’s Summer of 2016 Interview


Hailing from Mcallen, Texas, DJ and producer Jesse Garza aka Dangerouz is quickly becoming a rising force within the current Dance music scene. Having started in the business back in 2011, he first made a name for himself with the colossal hit ‘Dynasty’, which landed in Beatport’s ‘Top 100 Electro House’ chart. He soon followed up with other hits such as: ‘Evolve’, ‘Criminal Mind’, ‘The Purist’, ‘Puma’, ‘Candyman’, ‘Bounce It E.P.’ and ‘Accomplice’ among many others, which were released on labels including Pop Rox Muzik, Grimey Grooves Records, Straight Up! Music, WoNKed Records. We caught up with Dangerouz to chat about his summer of 2016.

Hi Dangerouz, thanks for taking time to have a chat with us about your summer so far. For those who aren’t familiar with you as an artist, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Thanks again for having me. I’m a producer from the Rio Grande Valley mainly known for my tracks ‘Faded’, ‘Accomplice’, and ‘Candyman’.

Can you describe how 2016 has been for you so far in 5 words?
It’s been very interesting man.

How has your summer been so far in terms of your musical career?
It has had its ups and downs – I’m proud to announce that Dangerouz will be releasing a few G-House records in these forthcoming months.

Can we hear any summer influences in any of your latest productions?
I have been hearing a lot of tracks by Martin EZ, Brian Boncher, & BMV this summer and it really got me going toward producing House.

What have you planned in terms of new releases for the forthcoming weeks and months?
There is so much coming up I’m not even sure how I made it all happen so quickly. Expect a lot more house tracks from Dangerouz. Hint Hint G House.

What have you been up to outside of the studio and away from music?
A lot of trips to the nightclubs around Mcallen and several drunken adventures to the gentlemen’s clubs, I’m a party animal by heart.

Have you had the joys of going to Ibiza or any festivals?
I have not – Festivals aren’t really my cup of tea anymore to attend as someone in the crowd. I tend to like to watch the show from the sidelines with a drink in my hand nowadays.

What achievements are you most proud of that happened in 2016?
I am really proud of all the hype my glitch hop records have created there is definitely some love from the glitch community for Dangerouz.

What can we expect from Dangerouz in the latter part of 2016?
Expect a lot more House, classic sounding Electro House and maybe a cool Dubstep record.

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