Behind The Scenes Of Mark Ursa’s ‘Banjo’

Over the years, industry veteran Mark Ursa has been building a huge reputation for himself. Responsible for hits such as: ‘Shining Like The Stars’, Out of My House’, ‘Anubis’ and ‘ID3’, the in demand DJ has been gracing the decks at some of the world’s biggest superclubs and festivals, including: Privilege, Space Ibiza, Bloco Yes (Brazil) and Tomorrowland.

After a massive 2015, which saw Mark remix industry heavyweight DJ and producer Bob Sinclar’s track ‘Feel The Vibe’, Mark started 2016 with the release of his debut record ‘Banjo’ on Yuga’s emerging imprint Kaisen Records. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Mark to discuss everything about his productions and ‘Banjo’.


Hi Mark, thanks for taking time to answer these few questions. Just to get things kicked off, for those who are unfamiliar with your work, can you describe a typical Mark Ursa track using only five words?
Different sounds with strong drops.

You’ve just released you new single ‘Banjo’ on Yuga’s Kaisen Records. Can you tell how the idea of the track came about?
I saw Steve Martin playing the Banjo on the Oprah TV show and I fell in love with the energy of the music so I jumped into the studio and started working on it.

As well as producing, you have a pretty hectic DJ’ing schedule, appearing at leading clubs and festivals including Privilege, Space Ibiza, Bloco Yes (Brazil) and Tomorrowland. Was it nice to find sometime to take time out touring to work on the track?
When I go on studio to produce music, I book 1 or 2 weeks solely for that. It lets the body rest and the mind work.

Do you produce on the road, at home in the studio or a mixture of both?
I only produce music in the studio. I can’t concentrate or get inspired during a flight or in a hotel room.

Did you get a lot of inspiration while on the road that you were able to use in the production of ‘Banjo’?
For Banjo, I got my inspiration at home, but for others productions; I usually find inspiration on the road.

What made you decide to go with the Banjo sound in the track?
The energy of the sound is very strong and different a lot of others tracks.

As we previously said, the track was released by Kaisen Records. Can you tell us a bit about the story behind signing the track to the label and why did you decide to sign it to them?
Kaisen is a new label but the energy and determination amongst the staff is strong, like the Banjo sound.

What equipment did you use when producing the record?

How long did it take to produce the record?
This one was really quick. I did it in 2 days.

Can you tell us a bit about your workflow in the studio?
I work +/- 2 weeks every 2 or 3 months in studio. When I work on studio, I start early morning and work very late, usually between 10 and 16 hours every day, from Monday to Sunday.

Can we expect a follow up to Banjo in a similar style?
I’m working on the vocal version of Banjo

What does the future hold for Mark Ursa?
Very good things I hope!


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