Behind The Scenes Of Elboy80& Melodic Jaye’s ‘The Equalizer’


London based DJ and production duo Elboy80 & Melodic Jaye have caused shockwaves to spread through the industry since the announced their plans to merge their successful solo careers. The dynamic duo have become hot property since the announcement and marked the occasion with a free release of their tasty House infused Techno record ‘The Equalizer’. We caught up with ELboy80 & Melodic Jaye to chat about everything behind the scenes of ‘The Equalizer’.

Hi guys, thanks for taking time to answer these few questions. For those who aren’t familiar with you, can you tell us a bit out yourself?
We are a House infused Techno Producer and DJ duo. Our aim is to push the House and Techno scene to another level, and create a dynamic movement for all who love the music.

How would you describe a typical ELboy80 & Melodic Jaye track using only five words?
Natural, Artistic, Deep, Electronic and Rhythmic.

You have recently just released your newest single ‘The Equalizer’. How did the idea for the track come about?
When producing ‘The Equalizer’, our goal was was to create something simple but effective. The concept of ‘French Kiss’ by Lil Louie became the basis for this track as you can spot similarities in the repetitive synth octaves moving up and down. It took off from there really.

You decided to release ‘The Equalizer’ as a free download. What were your reasons for doing so?
As part of announcing ourselves as a duo we felt we wanted to give something to our audience who have shown us continuous support as well as defining our signature sound which represents the direction we are moving in.

Can you tell us a bit about your workflow when producing ‘The Equalizer’?
We have access to our studio, which allows us to shut the rest of the world out. As it’s in a log cabin, the natural serenity provides a calming environment to aid our work flow. Our equipment is quite hands on as we don’t like to get stuck using a mouse and keyboard as we prefer the practical aspect of making music. This sets the bases of our creativity, what happens next is wherever the music takes us.

What do you enjoy the most about producing? Programming drums, writing melodies?
It’s completely timeless when we enter the studio and we both have fun collaborating. We don’t really preplan any production we just jam with instruments and go with what we feel at the time and play by ear. We feel when we think of it as writing and programming it feels like a boring process and takes the fun out of the raw creative side of making music.

Do you mix and master your own productions or do you get help from an engineer?
We mix our own songs to a high standard, and often utilise a mastering specialist to engineer the levels to perfection.

How long did it take to produce the record?
Not long at all. With years of experience of making music we do tend to finalise tracks very quickly. ‘The Equalizer’ was complete in around 6 working hours.

Will you be doing a production walkthrough of the track?
We would love to. Hopefully we will set some time aside to explore this. We are very much interested in supporting others in music in terms of sharing all of what we know.

Where did you get your inspiration from when producing the track?
Initially from French kiss but the feeling that grew as the production progressed reminded us of ‘The Equalizer’, which is how it got it’s name. We could visualise Edward Woodward standing in the shadows and close friends who had heard the track picked up on the vibe too without us saying anything about the track.

Can we expect a follow up to ‘The Equalizer’in a similar style?
Every composition we do has its own journey and we’re not afraid to show our versatility, therefore, our follow up songs will have a different flavour, but with the same signature that we’re known for.

What can we expect in terms of future releases and plans from ELboy80 & Melodic Jaye?
Definitely expect much more music! Our 3 track EP called ‘Resurgence’ will be coming soon as well as another free download in the coming weeks. Be sure to check out our Soundcloud for live mixes and add us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with our current movements.

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