Behind The Scenes Of Dangerouz & Jumpskare ‘La Fiesta’

McAllen based DJ and producer Dangerouz has been making huge waves since he exploded onto the Dance music scene, thanks to his top-notch productions and perfectly crafted energetic DJ sets. With multiple Beatport chart hitting records including ‘Kingpin’, ‘Police Raid’, ‘Brenessy’ and ‘Dynasty’ under his belt, it is clear to see why he has become one of the scene’s most exciting new talents.

Next to be added to Dangerouz’s ever-growing release catalogue is ‘La Fiesta’, a collaboration with fellow talent Jumpskare. This Glitch-Hop production has all the ingredients of a peak-time thriller and we had the pleasure of chatting to Dangerouz about the record.


Hi Dangerouz, thanks for talking to us. How are you today and what’s going on in your world right now?

Hey guys – I am doing well and thanks for asking! Today I have been busy working on many upcoming originals as well as a new remix.

You’ve recently released a new single by the name of ‘La Fiesta’. How did this project come about?

I felt like moving toward a more Latin influenced track with a bit of Glitch Hop flare. The melodies haven’t changed from when I first started tracking the record. The second drop is produced by Jumpskare, where he showcases a bit of Dub Breakbeat.

How would you describe this single in terms of sound and style?

It definitely has elements of Moombahton, Glitch Hop & Dubstep. The Latin feel is the most prevalent element throughout. It also features some cool vocal work and a nice breakdown.

What got you inspired for this one?

Ultimately I had a Glitch Hop record that was unfinished  – I revisited the project and sent it to Jumpskare. The collab came back and it was some fire for sure.

How long did it take to finalise this single?

This project took roughly 1 month.

Could you walk us through the production process behind ‘La Fiesta’?

I will be doing so in a behind the scenes video soon.

Which plug-ins and sounds shaped the end result of this production?

Mainly Massive, but there are a few areas of where Serum is involved.

This is part of a series of top-notch projects you had this year. How does it feel and what kind of other developments do you predict now?

I had no idea this project was going to chart the way it did. The hype was unreal for the whole release!  ‘Grime N’ Glitch, Vol. 1’ was a complete success – I am blessed to have gained everyone’s support. For now I will keep pushing out as many projects as I can for the remainder of 2016.

‘La Fiesta’ got signed by Grimey Grooves – how did you spark such a long term successful relationship with this label?

The bosses over at Grimey Grooves notified all artists that they would be hosting a compilation album – a deadline was set and everyone got to work. I quickly linked up with Jumpskare and sent him my project. The rest is history.

Where would you imagine this single being played?

I have a strong feeling somebody will play it at a Mad Decent party.

Describe ‘La Fiesta’ in one word.


Why should people listen to ‘La Fiesta’?

For people who enjoy Moombahton or Glitch Hop – this record is right up your alley.

Do you have any other projects in the pipeline this year?

I have an immense schedule for here on in – expect many more tracks real soon.


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