BEHIND THE SCENES: Drival – Ready When You Are

With a busy few months behind him, Drival is looking forward to an even busier summer festival season coming up. His latest release ‘Ready When You Are’ has all the elements you’d expect from the Spanish producers back catalogue of hits. Emotion, power and innovation – Drival has once again delivered and created ethereal Trance music, injecting new life in to the classic genre. We chatted to Drival to learn more about how the project came in to existence.

So – can you sum up the inspiration behind the tracks name and what made you choose it?
I baptized the track when I realized that a few months had passed by since my last release. It was only a matter of labels industry schedules (which I obviously understand), but saying “Ready When You Are” was a statement with clear intentions of saying that I am more than prepared!

Can we expect more tunes in this style from you in the future?
Sure! Although uplifting Trance is running through my veins more and more, I also like to try different sounds and styles such as this one. I know that I will come back to these vibes now and then.

Obviously many different artists influence people, but you have such a unique sound. Do you think this is Drival’s sound, or a combination of influences?
To be honest, I consider it a combination of feeds throughout my music career. Of course I try to add my personal imprint, but after so many years listening to all kinds of music, playing and producing, it becomes harder every time to come up with something absolutely from scratch.

How long did it take to complete the track, from start to finish?
Producing “Ready When You Are” took around one week and a half.

Do you have anything else in the pipeline for us at the moment?
I actually do! This week I’m releasing “Full Moon” with Phoenix Recordings, and in mid June you can expect an EP with 3 tracks released by Midnight Aurora recordings. Finally, in July my most anticipated track with Jennifer Rene will be out on AVA Recordings.

Unique sounds and emotion is your thing – do you think you have an ability to put more emotion in to tracks than some other producers? If so, why?
Comparing to other producers is a tricky thing. I mean, each one has his own style and I really feel that many of them prove their emotions right. Yes, I put a big deal of emotion in to not only tracks, but also every single set I play or every radio show I broadcast – but I wouldn’t compare myself to others.

Finally, where can we find ‘Ready When You Are’!
You can find it with a temporary exclusive on Beatport at the link below!

It will shortly be available in all the rest of the digital stores and streaming services. Don’t miss out on your copy! 😊

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