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McCallen based DJ and producer Dangerouz is quickly making a name for himself as one of the fastest rising talents around. At just 21 years of age, Jesse Garza, the man behind the Dangerouz moniker can already boast a series of top-notch hits, including the likes of: ‘Evolve’, ‘Criminal Mind’, ‘The Purist’, ‘Brenessy’, ‘Afterparty’, ‘Puma’, ‘Candyman’, ‘Bounce It E.P.’, ‘Happy Faces’, ‘Kingpin’, ‘Feel Alive’ and his remarkable single ‘Dynasty’, which landed Beatport’s Top 100 ‘Electro House’ chart.

Whilst he is experiencing a massive ascension as a producer, Dangerouz is also making big waves as a DJ. Whilst landing spots behind the decks of some reputable clubs and events, Dangerouz is also keeping busy by supporting legendary names like Alex Peace, whilst establishing himself as one of his hometown’s most in-demand Dance music artists. In addition, he’s now extending his audience reach through his newly established mixshow, ‘Mayhem’.

We’ve had the pleasure to sit down with Dangerouz to have a chat about the DJing aspect of his career and go through his current work and future plans.


Hey Dangerouz, thanks for sitting with us today to have a chat about the DJing aspect of your career. How did you get into the DJing business?

Hey guys, thanks taking the time to chat with me! I first started DJing for small hotel parties with a good friend of mine. After that I performed at a few local underground raves – it gradually progressed thereafter…

When was the first time you experienced traditional DJing?

I performed at a local outdoor party as the last DJ. I’d say it was around 3AM. It was pretty fun and the promoter asked me to come to a club the next day.

How old were you at the time?

I was 17 years old then – now I’m 21.

Who were the first DJs that really caught your attention?

ReepR was the first DJ that caught my eye. I saw him perform a live set at a local rave – this was back in 2010 before he started blowing up as a producer.

What was your first DJ setup?

My first setup were 2 used Numark NDX 400 CD Decks, complete with a Numark M2 Mixer. I pushed this set to its maximum potential and I still have the decks but they are pretty fragile now…

Do you remember your first vinyl?

John Coltrane – Blue Train

What is it you look for in tracks today when preparing your library?

It really depends on the event. If it’s a mellower crowd, I’ll look for Nu Disco and Deep House tunes. If it’s a rave, I’ll usually grab some high energy Electro House and a few of my own tunes.

How would you describe your sets to someone who’s never seen you play?

My sounds are very unique. I strive to take time to look for nice tracks by some up and coming producers.

What are the fundamental roles of a DJ in your opinion?

It’s very important to know your role as an opening DJ. Being able to read your crowd is also another very important fundamental skill. Also, taking time to mix serious transitions and know your cue points. I’m not the type to go crazy on stage and jump around. I’m very serious about making the music sound as clean as can be.

How do you go about choosing a set for an upcoming gig?

It’s usually done on the fly. Sometimes I’ll practice for half an hour before I leave to the gig.

What makes an excellent set in your opinion?

Track selection mainly. I also enjoy dope transitions, anything that makes people move and go wild.

Walk us through your current DJing setup.

I currently use Pioneer CDJ 200 CD Decks. They are very outdated but they get the job done, for now anyway.

Is there anything you plan to add to that in the near future?

I’m saving up for either CDJ 2000s or CDJ 900s Nexus.

Where can we see you perform this year?

Unfortunately, I currently do not have any upcoming performances. I’m extremely busy with original productions and my Mayhem Mixshow. Hopefully I will get offered a live set sometime soon.

What tips can you give to DJs who’d like to make it in this business?

Practice makes perfect. Network with as many people as you can. Get your name out there as much as you can. It’s not as easy ride it doesn’t happen overnight. Be persistent and you will go as far as you want.

Thanks Dangerouz!


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