WNDR releases ‘Everywhere You Are’

Norwegian electronic sensation and Sony Music alumni WNDR is back with a brand-new release called ‘Everywhere You Are’. Starting off stripped back, the track in consumed by smooth vocals before the percussion led build up prepares you for the deep and groove house drop that follows. The drop is paired with WNDR’s even silkier falsetto tone.


As the track progresses, more and more instrumentation accompany the beat to provide a new depth to the music. Grand chords kick in after the drop adding to the epicness along with ‘Everywhere You Are’s’ repetitive lyrics pushing you further into the music and inviting you to join in.


Having always been drawn to dance music from a young age by its energy and positivity, WNDR began DJ’ing Hard House and Trance at the age of 10. WNDR was brought up to the sounds of Reggae and R&B which he believes heavily influences the ‘love’ aspects of his music.

Evidently a key part of the new movement of electronic music in Norway, WNDR has achieved a platinum record called ‘Medicine’ and has reached the number 2 position on the Shazam Dance Chart for his track ‘Meant To Be’.


With tour plans on the horizon and talks of more track releases, WNDR is looking to make this year his own. ‘Everywhere You Are’ is set to be a huge dance anthem and is out now to download.


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