JP Lantieri’s ‘Malbec EP’ is out now and features remixes from Ge Bruny, Bioslave and Marcus Knight

Following his previous and most sumptuous releases ‘Riesling’, ‘Chardonnay’ and ‘Shiraz’, wine buff JP Lantieri’s ‘Malbec EP’ tastes just as delicious and is everything you would expect from the next instalment of this delightful series.

JP’s ‘Malbec’ is melodic and percussive and features atmospheric sounds that blend perfectly into the infectious groove of the song. ‘Malbec’ also features 3 other remixes from some of the best producers around; Bioslave’s version is repetitive and hypnotic with a futuristic feel. Ge Bruny’s remix is dark and driving keeping the atmospheric vibe. The last remix provides a Tech House adaptation from Australian legend Marcus Knight that’s funk-filled and bass heavy with ‘arms-in-the-air’ build-ups and storming drops.

All 4 of these tracks are absolutely superb and showcase every producer’s talent exquisitely. The Malbec EP is definitely one for the music collection!

‘Malbec’ is out now on Flemcy Music.

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