SYDNEY – The Quest For A Decent Club Night – La Famiglia @ The Burdekin


A few things happened to me last weekend which I wont lie: (a) haven’t happened in a while, and (b.) I’d feared might NEVER happen in this fine city of Sydney. I danced in a club, to high quality music, surrounded by amazing people – not a dickhead in sight. No lies. Now you may think these ingredients go hand in hand, but the chances of the planets aligning ‘just so’ has been a rarity of late.

Sydney for me – I PREVIOUSLY felt – appeared somewhat barren when it came to quality club nights. Each attempt was met with bitter disappointment. Crowds of idiots, same same moronic music and a host of over zealous door-staff. I knew/hoped/prayed that hidden somewhere, something MUST be happening. This wasn’t all Sydney had…surely? And then like a tiny sparkle in a dark void of despair, the universe provided me with my answer. Hidden right in plain sight was The Burdekin and La Famiglia – my Deep House famine SAVIOURS.

Our night began with cool dignity. Dinner with parents, tequila and a sprinkling of mind altering drugs. Upon reaching said venue, moral was at an all time high. Like Alice down the rabbit hole, myself and assistant explored this magical establishment – our house starved ears twitching with anticipation. Tequilering our way around each bar – for research purposes you must understand – we sampled delicious sonic snacklets from each room, our eyes glittering with wonderment.

The top floor – complete with 4-point speaker system – pumped techno so hard it’d send shudders to the underworld. Teeth rattling stuff. Not for the faint hearted. Hosted by Gynoid Audio, like minded revelers enjoyed the full force and fury of: Andrew Wowk & Qu-Zen, Advanced Human, Jordan Peters, Scott Kilpatrick and TRUNCATE aka. AUDIO INJECTION. Twas a laser beam dream and sight to behold.

Down below in the dugout – hosted by LA Famiglia – Moonboot, Shepz and Dave Stuart himself cranked everything from the deep and sultry to tweaky and wondrous. Emanating a womb-like quality, it would’ve been easy to spend the entire evening rolling around in this space, BUT, in the name of a good story we continued our research and adventure unto the main room.

It was here we made our happy home – sweating, power thrusting and dominating the dance floor with an intensity so profoundly intense it could’ve recalibrated the solar system. Hosted by Deep House Australia the music was low down, deep and sexier than sex itself. Myself, assistant and everyone surrounding writhed, body humped and cavorted in an epic amalgamation of bodies. Perforated only by moments of intense chat out in the smoking area, Phil Smart, Aiden James, Jim Poe & Hamish Radford and Swampy & Venda held us locked in a perpetual state of lobe quivering eargasm.

I wont even pretend I knew who was playing when. This’d be an outright porky pie. What I can say, with the deepest of deep house conviction, was La Famiglia, Deep House Australia and Gynoid Audio changed my world and shattered all expectation. This was three entire floors of pure and unadulterated GOOD SHIT. I’m talking music to sell your soul to; music to orgasm to; music to raise your sweaty hands to and praise the lord you were born – just so’z you could be here, wild in this moment.

SO…the moral of the story? If you’re in Sydney and haven’t yet sampled a Saturday at the Burdekin, I suggest you do – with immediate effect.

The Burdekin

2 Oxford St

(02) 9331 3066