D.Edge raises the profile for South America…


D Edge is a club that mirrors the city in which it is found: bright and futuristic yet at the same time retro in feel.  Under the stewardship of owner, passionate music lover and warm host Renato Ratier, D-Edge has also grown to encompass a record label and agency of excellent repute, both of which nurture and enhance local and national talents and scenes with vigor.  Bringing the finest underground talent from the worlds of house, techno and everything in between; the club is a compact but futuristic space with punchy soundsytem, award-winning design, intimate dancefloors and LED enhanced lighting.


When we arrive at the club, its three different rooms are already heaving with people of all colours and creeds. The thousands of LEDs that line the walls are extra special, adding an extra mind-melting dimension to the sleek interior. Said interior is made up of sleek lines, futuristic designs and a tasteful mélange of classic and avant-guard aesthetics, and makes a sensual and sensory superlative setting for the DJs and performers who pass through each week.


What started out life as a single room club has naturally evolved into a 4 floor electronic music hotbed, the decor, musical programming and clubbers alike all carefully follow the owners clear ethos, a policy that has remained parallel to the clubs growth throughout it’s existence.  The original room is the main room, its dark and yet inviting, and here is where resident Henrique Marciano is spinning plenty of European deep house sounds.


The punters love it, going with him wherever he may go, down which ever sonic path, all the while as lights all around make for an ever more entertaining experience.  If you want something a bit grittier and more out there, then room 2 is for you – it’s cosier than the main room but pushes the trippiness of the lights ever ore into the realm of the weird.


Room 3 is stunning if you want to look out over the city around you. The most recent party of D Edge’s development its not for those afraid of day light, but provides a really stunning moment when the sun does first come up. Though tonight’s headliner had to cancel owing to VISA issues, the atmosphere across all three-rooms was as tight as you could hope for. It proves that the Brazilian scene is now able to stand on its own two feet and provide DJs, clubs and punters that in their own right attract a crowd, without the need for a big name headliner.