Trapeze Opens In Shoreditch

03272014A080It was a sad time last Summer when London lost another great venue for house music. East Village defied its size by hosting some of the worlds finest DJs and promoters over a successful 5 year period. Well dry those tears as new venue Trapeze has taken over the address and the future looks very bright!

Going against the usual desires for new owners to totally transform the venue and destroy any legacy with their own ideas and set up, the clever team behind the club have decided to leave the basement almost exactly the same, with no seating, dancefloor only space and superb soundsysytem still in place. They have also retained the services of the man who made East Village so successful. Stuart Patterson will continue to programme the venue and is also resident on Saturdays which is a massive bonus for the venue and for London.

So what has changed? The name of course and the ground floor has taken on a massive refurb in line with the circus theme. Again, for the better as the quirky space has been opened up, still offering a second room of music, decent booths and the feedback from all attending over the launch weekend, was a big thumbs up. It will also be open five days a week which is a bonus and offer a food menu that will not clash with the late night proceedings. In addition, Thursday and Friday lunchtimes will feature a pop up restaurant from the amazing Burger Bear and a disco soundtrack to accompany your lunch, definitely our cup of tea!

Musically with Stuart Patterson still in control, we are guaranteed a programme of some class. The launch weekend featured appearances from Casino Times and Giles Smith while this weekend approaching, Thursday is the weekly Hawaiian Bop with Richio Suzuki and guest Keb Darge, Friday NYC label Have A Killer Time boss Justin Miller and Tyson Ballard come to play and Saturday the address welcomes back London house institution Sancho Panza, a night that was so loved at East Village. Going through the forthcoming month and beyond, we already see how the programme is going to develop and we are all very excited at the prospect of the likes of Victor Simonelli (pictured), RvS Soundsystem, Leo Zero, Leftside Wobble, Smokin Jo, Idjut Boys, Daniel Kyo, Bob Jones, Tim Sheridan and Tomoki Tamura all passing through the venue over the next month or so and from what we are told, this will only get better and better. Plus, they will be keeping the cost down with standard £5 entry on Fridays and £5 before 11.30pm and advance (including booking fee) on Saturdays, even for the likes of NYC legend Victor Simonelli on 26 April.

So some good news for London and those who are ‘House’. Check out the venue listings on our site HERE plus follow them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER for all the up to minute news, mixes, competitions and more.