Visited – Amon Tobin ‘Isam’ – live in Graz (2012)


When you do things in a different way, it makes you have to think differently about the way you present it. So ‘ISAM Live’ ended up as a mixture of cinema, live performance and projection art.”

Amon Tobin – known affectionately to his friends as Amon Adonai Santos de Araújo Tobin – is somewhat of a genius in the world of live electronica. Described as “a virtuoso sound designer”, the Brazilian musician, composer AND producer is considered one of the worlds most influential electronic music artists.

Prepare to have your mind MELTED by visions of UNFATHOMABLE awesome. This is H.R. Giger on acid; mixed into a stunning array of bloops, wibbles and squelches; with a sizeable dose of bass. It’s a trip into the mind of a sound addict, and one hell of a sensorial smack-down. We LOVE.

Featuring a mind boggling display of  ‘projection mapping’, this small slice from his ‘Isam’ live show, could very well change your life.

Check it.