Deekline Presents – Stanton Sessions Boat Party…AFTER Party. YEAH!

hotcakesafterpartyThis Saturday something magical is happening. Something magical…filthy, bassy and slutty…ON A MOTHER FUCKING BOAT, BITCHES!

Dreamt up by the ever-inventive and eternally juvenile Stanton Warriors, this one’ll blow em’ all outta’ the water…(pardon the pun). Line up includes Stanton Warriors, Deekline, Mafia Kiss, Jurassik, Se7en Deady Breaks, L.M.B and Tempa. Boom.

Voted ‘Event mothers would most lock away their daughters from” 2013 – expect hos’ – shakin’ ass (of course), floor grinding and intense rudder humping.

Unsurprisingly this event sold out…BUT HALLELUJAH PEOPLE! Thanks to Deekline and the Hotcakes crew, the booty-shaking lives on! Haul ass to Brixton Jamm for the after-party, visions of wild abandon and some of the best breaks and bass this side of Uranus. Line up includes all of the above, PLUS Kurse, ED209, Miss Monument, Starlard, Lella & N.E.Coli and Linus. Do it.

10pm – 6am

Brixton Jamm, 261 Brixton Rd, London SW9 6LH, United Kingdom

Tickets HERE