Parallel hit their stride…


Parallel Records hit release number 9 here, this time turning to the auspicious talents of Ukrainian producer Alexander Harris. In the past the label has dealt in all manner of house and techno sounds but here get treated to some rubbery, supple house riddled with melody.

First up is the heady, tightly woven and insanely intricate title track. Various synth lines zither and wiggle, shake and rattle as bird sounds, widescreen pads and more all add further layers of depth and intrigue to this thick sonic lava lamp. It’s a cool track, frankly. Second jam Terri Conique is more rigid and minimalistic. Myriad lines run through the sleek drum pattern and plenty of effects and bits of echo and reverb help keep things interesting throughout. Both tracks are tidy and ensure that all ears remain focussed on this great little label.