Stefano Lotti & Luca Fabiani educate us…

The minimal techno sound championed through the latter part of the last decade by the likes of Steve Bug and Marco Carola is making somewhat of a resurgence across dance floors around the world. And Italian producers Stefano Lotti and Luca Fabiani are part of the new breed of minimal connoisseurs currently creating waves in the genre.

Released on their own Equilibrium Lab imprint, the EP entitled, ‘Education Required’, sees them concoct a bass heavy mix of minimal techno. The A-side ‘Hungry Horses’ centres around a muddled vocal, – with obvious nods to their narcotic of choice. With clean, glassy percussion at its core, the track buoyantly builds and breaks all the while oozing with great anticipation.

The second track, ‘Setting the Torch’ seems to nod too much to its roots, with heavily overused percussive sounds recalling the eras of tribal house though in no way the vain of its heyday. The sometime chord sound that appeases the drop are upheld uniquely, though what follows really don’t do them enough justice.

Obviously not tracks for the headphone listener, but they will certainly go some way in maintaining the party atmosphere on the dance floor. Solid work from the Italians.

Leon Riley