Eagles & Butterflies spreads his wings once more

SYW3artfinalEagles & Butterflies is one of a few producers who is basing himself in Ibiza all year round. So far his music has come on the label he runs himself, but also on John Digweed’s influential Bedrock label. It house with a wide array of influences and here again we are treated to three more tracks of the lovely stuff.

First up is a classic Balearic beat that is awash with lazy chords, rippling melodies and sun kissed vibes. A muttered Spanish vocal lends ever more summer flair to the track before ‘Cosmo Asteroid Banana Cupcake’ gets a bit more darker and club ready, It keeps its head low, with muddled beats and muted melodies all snaking their way along a desolate landscape. It’s slightly druggy and mysterious, making it perfect for later sets, and then comes closer ‘El Paradiso’. This one gets full on abstract and minimal, with micro house grooves and metallic percussion building in intricate loops. It’s body shaking music that will have floors dancing as one and is another fine EP from Eagles & Butterflies