Akabu ‘Everybody Wants Something (Joey Negro Remix)’


Akabu / Everybody Wants Something (Joey Negro Remix)

Vinyl / Digital 

Z Records / Released April 2013


Straight up, boogie-infused, disco edged house music for the people from one of the scene’s most established men. 20 years (or more) and still staying true to his cause, whether you recognise him as Joey Negro (here remixer and label boss), or as the less well known Akabu moniker he decided to put this release out under, it’s safe to say you probably will recognise him.

That goes for name and inimitable style. Well, in actual fact it has been imitated, by countless people, but it’s not for nothing many ears understand what it means to say something sounds like Mr Negro. That which he’s best known for has fallen in and out of fashion more times than pretty much any other form of 4x4s, so in addition to referencing his production pedigree- here on full display via a perfect example of how to do this type of thing well- it’s also only right to pay some respect for sheer unadulterated commitment. Even the heavier, more percussive Everybody Wants Something Warehouse Mix (B-side of the two-tracker, with Joey Negro’s Strip version taking up its A) is a proper groove-soaked accessible classic house outing. In short then, worth every penny if that ethic matches yours.