Boiler Room & Ballantine’s Whisky Present ‘Stay True Journeys’


Aiming to discover and celebrate the stories of the world’s most vibrant music scenes –  ‘Boiler Room & Ballantine’s Stay True Journeys’ kicks off this month in Mexico City. The location is yet to be revealed and tickets are exclusively available via Ballantine’s and Boiler Room channels. Global audiences can tune-in live via the microsite: Boilerroom.TV/StayTrue.

Opening the series will be the superbly talented Los Macuanos. The trio – comprised of Moises López, Moises Horta and Reuben Torres -belong to a generation of Mexicans growing up in times of extreme hostility. Swept up in a violent drug war, days of booming tourism and hedonistic nightlife were replaced by war-zones and escalating body counts. But from beneath the rubble emerged a world of new and exciting sounds – sonic creations steeped in darkness only acquired with the experience of true tumult.

Described as almost apocalyptic, their music echoes not only the precarious state of Tijuana at the time, but also its former rave culture.  Drawing influence all the way from glitch, noise and no wave, to minimal techno and bass music – the threesome meld traditional Mexican sounds and experimental vibes with effortless grace. Have a listen. They’re stonkingly original and – generally speaking – pretty fucking rad.