Plain and Simple Interviews: Timo Maas

timo mass

Timo Maas is a man that needs no introduction to our readers. A techno institution and electronic music heavyweight, and a man who doesn’t mince his words (no really, read on) – To celebrate the launch of our new office in Dubai, the Plain and Simple team grabbed 5 minutes with him ahead of his set at Nasimi Beach on the 7th Feb.

Firstly Timo, thanks very much for taking the time to talk to us, how was your New Year? 

I was very busy, so it was good….! Happy New Year!!!

2013 was a big year for you, with the release of Lifer your third artist album and subsequent other projects, do you think 2014 will be on par? 

I hope so…I am working on several new things right now. An album project, original stuff and also a bunch of remixes….

Your latest release the Tanra EP is out on your own Rockets and Ponies label, – for those who haven’t come across them, what the label all about? 

Santos and I are releasing music, that is in or opinion v strong and different…. Tantra is the latest release and there is some very strong stuff coming out soon!

The Video for Tantra is incredible, how did it come about? Were you heavily involved in the creatve process? 

I LOOOVE this video…we were looking for someone changing the complex original music into something different, something that is organiuc and strabge too…And those Japanese artists did a fantastic job on it!


Remixers on Tantra include, Tom Demac, James Teej, Atelier and Wolfgang Haffner. What made you choose these particular artists? How do you manage to select from so much potential talent? 

They are simply amazing artists…selection? Well, we asked a whole bunch or artists, and the feedback from these ones for the song was the strongest really….

Tell us a little about your production process, what the studio like for you? 

Most importantly, I work with Santos, who is the technical guy behind the studiowork, he is programming and engineering everything. I LOOOVE to hang out with him and discover and experience new sounds andf vibes.

What makes a great gig in your mind? 

When the energy is electric, the people loose their feeling for time and location…simply floating on the rhythm of music…. That sounds pretty perfect

You’ve had a strong connection with the Ibiza scene in the past, and particularly with DC10, is still the party capital do you think or have places like Croatia taken over? 

You cannot beat Ibiza…simply said! Croatia is great for partying, as are some other places too, but the “mother of all parties” is Ibiza

What are your thought rise of ‘EDM’, do you think this is a positive or negative thing for electronic music?

Generally, even I think that music style is stupid, simple and awful even…it has opened a lot of new markets for the underground too…. And THAT is positive.

How do you think the game has changed with the rise of so called ‘Celebrity’ DJ’s and their Diva antics?

I don`t give a fuck about these people!

You’ve had the chance to collaborate and work with some amazing names over the years, what have been your highlights? 

Thanks very much for your time Timo. We’re all huge fans here at Plain and Simple!