Mark Knight’s Famous Label Partners with Wavo for A&R Process

 With the start of the new year, Toolroom Records has teamed up with to crowdsource their demo submissions and A&R process in the most transparent and interactive way.


With the intention to discover new talent and give aspiring producers a chance to truly break out, producers can now submit their original work to Toolroom’s official chart. Renowned for their close relationship with their passionate fanbase, the Toolroom A&R team will be listening and providing feedback to the top trending tracks in the chart every fortnight. This is a great campaign for producers, as not only do they ensure a fair listen of their demos, but they have the chance to receive some professional, industry feedback and promotion from one of the electronic music world’s premiere labels.

Toolroom fans are encouraged to listen to the chart themselves, voting on their favourite selections and leaving feedback. Attention should be paid to the style of submissions so that they fit with the Toolroom sound.


Label boss and Grammy nominated DJ/producer Mark Knight commented:

“We’re really excited to be opening up our demo submissions to the crowd, as we’ve been receiving a ton of promos over the past few years. This campaign will give our team clear interaction with our fanbase of DJs/producers around the world, and will give our A&R team a fun way to find the underground talent we’ve been looking for.”


Producers, DJs and Toolroom fans can visit the chart here: