Brixton Clubhouse Up On The Roof – With Norman Jay and Robert Owens

UOTR - GD Sunday 5th May Front__When it comes to DJ legends’, they don’t come much bigger than Norman Jay. In 2002 he received an MBE for his work (the first time any DJ had received such an accolade) now that’s impressive. With the aid of his brother and one Good Times Bus, he also changed the face of the Notting Hill Carnival; introducing a range of gritty, soulful styles to complement the predominantly Reggae-based sound systems. This paved the way for the open-minded Carnival we know today, with Good Times still at its heart. Now THAT’S amazing. That’s bloody innovation, right there. That’s changing the course of history!

This May Bank Holiday heralds the first of three carnival-tastic rooftop gigs. If you’re a music buff, now would be a good time to get excited; Norman Jay is to music, what Steven Hawkins is to the universe. His record collection, some say, could circle the earth twice. That’s right.
UOTR - GD Sunday 5th May rev

He’ll be joined on the stunning Brixton Clubhouse rooftop by a selection of EQUALLY incredible talent. This will be the  meeting of great minds,  record collections and the promise of some seriously summertime party vibes. Expect musical diversity on a grand scale, from some of the most influential DJ’s of the past 30 years.

After the terrace shuts down, stay on board for Get Diverted, headlining will be the legendary Robert Owens. The entire party will run for a marathon 16 hours! That’s one easy way to while away your May Bank Holiday in true party style.

Support through the day comes from John Jones, Elijah Collins, Rob Alldritt and more.

Norman Jay…Up On The Roof (Day)
Get Diverted with Robert Owens (Night)
Sunday 5 May / 2pm-6am

Brixton Clubhouse, 467 Brixton Road, Brixton, SW9 8HH
2pm-6am / 10/12/14 ADVANCE / MOTD
Tickets available HERE

Here’s some action from last year…