Supplement Facts comes to London…


October 27th

CNL Events Limited presents

Supplement Facts showcase

Guy Gerber



Bill Patrick


Secret East London location


On October 27th CNL Events present a very special London first – a Supplemental Facts label showcase headed by the boss Guy Gerber, with crazy French house trio dOP and many more yet to be announced. So too is the venue to be announced in the weeks leading up to this event.

Guy Gerber’s Supplemental Facts seems to have had something of a renaissance recently. In the early days defined by Gerber’s own prog-tech-house aesthetic, an influx of new names like Ryan Crosson, Guti, Lee Curtiss and dOP have recently re-aligned it with a deeper, more organic template. The label recently released Heartbeats, a compilation that collects label classics and choice future offerings together, with the aforementioned names as well as Seuil and No Regular Play all contributing. Gerber himself has recently mixed it up for the illustrious fabric series and continues to DJ around the world from WMC to Pacha to Watergate.

Damian Van de Sande, Clement Zemstov, Jonathan Ille are dOP – the fun French threesome who have crafted their own drunken house sound playing live across the world. Their Greatest Hits album on Circus Company was a huge success, and their jazzy, late night and instrument rich house sounds have also come on labels like Life & Death and Supplemental Facts. So too have they turned in one of the best mix CDs of recent years for Watergate.

Chaim is a true stand out artist in today’s fast paced electronic world. After the first wave of stunning releases for labels like Supplement Facts, Cocoon and MBF, for over a year now Chaim has worked exclusively with the Berlin based BPitch Control imprint. His acclaimed output, like his debut album ‘Alive’ in spring 2011, has proven his powerful, individual productions to be some of the highest quality club tracks around

It takes a brave man to say their aim when DJing is “to teach stupid people what good music is.”   Berlin based New Yorker Bill Patrick is by no means a brave man (save when he’s in the DJ booth) but he does know what good music is.  He did right back at the age of 7.  He doesn’t play hits, though, he doesn’t whimper in the face of zeitgeists, but he does read rooms and fuck with people’s head. He does it at places like Rex Club, fabric and DC: 10, and has recently been installed as resident in London for the Return to The Future parties held in various secret warehouses around the English capital.

So, keep your eye out for news of the raw London warehouse that will be used as a venue and get your tickets sharpish…